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Big Rig of the Month With construction season in full speed, we've chosen a concrete mixer rig as the Peterbilt truck of the month for July. This action shot shows a 2016 Peterbilt Model 365 feeding a load of concrete to a concrete pump, built onto a separate truck. The long boom of the concrete pump distributes the concrete where needed as a Norwalk Ready Mixed Concrete crew pours the foundation for a new home in a new suburban development around Des Moines. The Peterbilt truck is equipped with a 380 HP Paccar MX engine, an Allison Automatic Transmission for easy driving and a pusher axle to handle the heavy load.
June 2017 June 2017 Rig of the Month A 2016 Peterbilt Model 337 Tool Truck. Freudenburg Tools, Inc., uses this medium-duty Pete with a 24-foot box as their rolling tool and equipment store. The tool truck is powered by a 300 HP Paccar PX-7 engine and Allison automatic (2500HS) transmission, while the interior is a conversion by Herr Display Vans.
May 2017 May 2017 Rig of the Month 11 AXLES… A 2016 Peterbilt Model 389 heavy haul is used to transport oversized construction equipment to building sites in the region. Equipped with a powerful Cummins 600 horsepower engine, this Bridgeport Materials daycab is seen pulling an extra-long trailer away from a construction site after dropping off a piece of equipment. The comfortable extended daycab provides extra legroom for the driver. Footage of this 11-axle rig in motion can be viewed on the 2017 Calendar Trucks Video.
April 2017 April 2017 Rig of the Month SSC Transport's "green glider". A rebuilt Caterpillar diesel engine was installed into this 2016 Peterbilt Model 389 by Peterbilt of Sioux City technicians, and the Sioux City Body Shop did the paint and customizing.
March 2017 March 2017 Rig of the Month A 2016 Model 367 grapple truck. The vocational truck features a hydraulic grappling arm and 20-foot steel dump body with custom paint. The driver climbs onto the saddle to operate the grapple for livestock carcass recovery. Sioux Valley Rendering, of Rock Valley, Iowa, operates a small fleet of grapple trucks serving northwest Iowa and southeast South Dakota.
February 2017 February 2017 Rig of the Month A cool black 2017 Peterbilt Model 389 with a 80 inch standup sleeper. Beaver Creek Enterprises, Columbus, NE, uses this truck to pull a dry bulk blower trailer. When delivered, the fine powder products in the four compartments are blown out the bottom through piping to the recipient storage facility.
January 2017 January 2017 Rig of the Month A 2017 Peterbilt Model 337 fertilizer-distribution truck. These medium-duty trucks are used to shuttle fertilizer from inventory at Petersburg and Albion, Neb., to the farmers’ application equipment in the field. The truck uses a fluid-powered auger driven by the truck’s PTO pump to dispense the chemical mix into the customer’s spreader. This truck has a 300 HP PX-7 engine and 6-speed automatic transmission.
December 2016 December 2016 Rig of the Month This selection is a Peterbilt RV Conversion, designed for a professional racing team. S & S Welding of Greenwood, Nebraska, starts with a Peterbilt chassis and builds motorcoaches and trailers. These custom projects are often constructed for pro racing teams and usually include a kitchen, lounge, tool shop and car carrier. This customized Model 389 rolling workspace helps the cars, tools and staff to arrive at and win on the track.
November 2016 November 2016 Rig of the Month This "Truck of the Month" is a 30-year-old Peterbilt classic! Kelly Lueken of Emmet, Neb., worked with a buddy to restore this 1987 Model 359, which he uses every day. This rig is popular at truck shows, because the interior is mostly in original condition. Besides repainting the cab and frame, the two truck restorers extended the frame and modified the original sleeper. The original mileage is unknown; the odometer has been replaced and the engine overhauled at Peterbilt of Norfolk.
October 2016 October 2016 Rig of the Month The brand-new Heritage Model 567. The first 20 of these vocational workhorses with special logos, accent trim and features, began rolling off the Peterbilt assembly line in late September 2016. These new limited-edition severe-duty trucks were purchased by Hinz Trucking of Elm Creek, Neb.
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September 2016 September 2016 Rig of the Month Three brand-new Peterbilt dump trucks have joined the fleet at Vogt T&T Excavating of Bennet, Nebraska. The contractor is now using 2017 Peterbilt Model 348s with a pusher axle to operate the 16-foot dump box. These dump trucks are used in excavating, grading, landscaping, basements, driveways, demolition and other dirt-moving projects in the Lincoln area and southeast Nebraska.
August 2016 August 2016 Rig of the Month A good-looking 2017 Peterbilt Model 389 with a pusher axle pulling a specialty grain trailer for Vollink Trucking of Archer, Iowa. The 50-foot-long trailer sports a tag axle, bringing the unit up to seven axles, to handle loads up to 96,000 pounds. The three hoppers in the belly dump trailer can each hold a separate ingredient for the customer. The hoppers, traps and tarp can be operated remotely from inside the cab.
July 2016 July 2016 Rig of the Month Rolling Event Center … The Iowa Motor Truck Association's special events trailer. The walls of the 48-foot-long Trailmobile are filled with displays of trucking industry photos, history and facts -- serving as an educational center during visits to schools and special events. The air conditioned space is also used as the office and headquarters for IMTA events, like the state Truck Driving Championships. The unit is pulled by a 2016 Peterbilt Model 389, courtesy of Peterbilt of Des Moines.