The 2018 Peterbilt Working Trucks of the Midwest Calendar Photos
Our ninth-annual truck photo calendar traditionally features real work trucks operated by our customers in the region. This year, we're adding some images of vintage work trucks, from this summer's American Truck Historical Society show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. 2018 MPG Calendar Trucks Video


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Cover Classic trucks line the streets at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in May.

January The first 2017 Model 567 "Heritage Edition" to come off the Peterbilt assembly-line.

February 2018 Model 389 Heavy Haul – with 13 axles, a 605 hp Cummins engine and 240k-lbs.

March Vintage cabovers at ATHS truck show: 1988 Model 362, 1948 Model 270 and 1960 Model 352.

April 2017 Model 579 with specialized live chicken hauler, shining on a rainy day.

May 2017 Model 567 dump truck and pup trailer working at a sand quarry in Nebraska.

June 2018 Model 579s hauling flatbed trailers with building materials as their loads.

July 2017 Model 579 aerodynamic truck and drive van trailer at fleet headquarters.

August Decker Wrecker – 1979 Model 359 wrecker used by an Iowa fleet on display at IMTA truck show.

September 2018 Model 567 dump truck & pup trailer – truck has 6 axles (three pusher axles).

October County Dump Trucks – Clarke County Model 365, Dallas County Model 337 & 367, and Fremont County Model 348.

November 2015 Model 389 Glider Kit – Peterbilt shop rebuilt and installed a Caterpillar engine.

December 2017 Model 389 Bull Hauler – longhood and cattle trailer at old stockyards.