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2018 Calendar Trucks
2018 Calendar Trucks
The 9th annual Peterbilt "Working Trucks of the Midwest Calendar" (5:15)
Sept Rig
Model 337 Fire Truck
A perfect fit for a small Iowa community fire department. (1:58)
SCTS Presents
American Truck
Historical Society

2017 National Convention, Des Moines, IA (6:03)
SCTS Presents
Midwest Peterbilt Group
5 Locations in the Midwest (3:29)
PB of Des Moines
Peterbilt of DesMoines
A Video look at Des Moines Full Service Dealership (2:42)
Vocational Work Trucks
Vocational Trucks
Peterbilt Vocational Trucks: Quality = Better Value (4:30)
LN Construction
Diesel Technician
A Career in the Fast Lane
200,000 Techs needed in the next Decade (5:35)
PB Norfolk
Peterbilt of Norfolk
Full-service dealership facility expanded in 2016. (3:17)
Heritage 567
2017 Calendar Trucks
The 8th annual Peterbilt "Working Trucks of the Midwest Calendar" (4:44)
Pride Comes Standard
Pride Comes Standard
A quick peek at 3 popular heavy-duty models – a vocational 567, aerodynamic 579 and Model 389 longhood. (1:04)
LN Construction
Peterbilt of Lincoln
a full-service dealership, to replace our truck parts store. (3:58)
MPG Clutch
MPG Clutches
Describes the new MPG Truck Parts Clutch Program.(3:12)
Paint Booth
Council Buffs
New Paint Booth

Tour the new high-tech truck painting facility. (2:30)
Make Over 379
379 Restoration
A 2005 Peterbilt Model 379 restoration & daycab conversion by Peterbilt of Sioux City Body Shop. (3:30)
Salute to Trucks
Salute to Trucks
Drivers and Truck Shows in celebration of Truck Driver Appreciation Week. (5:30)
Utility Trucks
Peterbilt Utility Trucks
Peterbilt provides a solid and dependable chassis for utility trucks. (2:30)
SC Video
Peterbilt of Sioux City
Received numerous recognitions for award winning customer service (4:00)
PB Video
Peterbilt 75th Anniversary
History Video - Long version (7:03)